Our Range of Carnival Rides

Looking for carnival rides for rent? Carnival Promotions can help you! We provide a wide variety of fun and exciting rides throughout Western Australia. Whether you’re putting on a major public event or a private function, we’ve got exciting and fun rides to make it a success.

We have provided carnival rides to many of WA’s top events such as the Perth Royal Show, The Kids Big Carnival, Hyde Park Fair, City Of Perth Skyworks just to name a few. In addition to our range of rides, we also provide fun sideshow games, mobile catering and event management services. No matter what kind of event or function you’re having, we can help you create a memorable experience.

Our selection of Carnival Rides for your next event

As one of the leading accredited amusement providers in Western Australia, we’re proud to offer a range of quality amusement rides that are fun, interesting and suitable for the whole family. Our rides include:

Safari Park


Cup & Saucer Ride

The Cup & Saucer ride is a great attraction for the whole family with a fun spinning action in 6 brightly presented cups and a flashing light tea pot. Suitable for all ages.


Passengers slowly rock backwards and forward until the seats reach the peak, then whip around in frantic 360-degree rotations. At full speed, passengers experience the exhilarating sensation of weightlessness as the seats descend from full height at maximum speed.

Wave Swinger

This ride makes a brilliant centre piece at any event and looks stunning when the sun goes down. It swings the seats out in oscillating waves and just as riders think it won’t go any faster, it notches up a gear! They feel the wind on their face as they take in the spectacular 360 views from way up high.

Dragon Wagon

Sit back, hold tight and dare to ride our mystical dragon rollercoaster! This is a perfect rollercoaster for younger children (above 81cm accompanied or 112cm unaccompanied) because it’s a smaller rollercoaster without the rapid turns you find on the larger varieties.

Flying Dumbo 

Soar high in the sky on a fanciful flight in Dumbo the Flying Elephant. Suitable for all ages and a favourite with families. Call us for more details.

Traffic Jam

A thrilling ride for all the family! Step onto one of two circular platforms and take a seat facing inwards. With a shoulder safety harness that is pulled down over each rider you are safe to go! go! go! The ride spins around and then, as the centre of the ride rotates, each platform is elevated up while still spinning.

Lolli Swing

The fabulous lolli swing ride is a swing carousel and a funfair classic enjoyed by children and adults alike. Children can share a seat with an adult, or two children can ride together. As the chairs swing around, they are elevated on one side then swoop down giving riders the opportunity to raise their arms up in delight.

Mini Twister Helicopters 

Shout out to all the young aspiring pilots out there! Here is the chance to ride in your very own helicopter on our mini twister helicopter ride. These sparkly glitter helicopters rotate and elevate, and you can even share your helicopter with friends!

Rockin Tug

Ahoy there! This is a ride on the high seas that the whole family can experience! This tugboat has you rocking and twirling just like you are riding the waves but without getting wet!

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Whether you need one ride or all of them, we can help you create a greay, unforgettable event. Get in touch with our professionals today and call +61 401 503 425 to find out more about our mini carnival rides for rent or to make a booking.